Monday, September 04, 2006

Retro Atari 2600 Keychains

I was in the checkout line at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore today when I spied these retro Atari 2600 keychains in a bin. Not only can you look real boss walking around with a huge quarter-scale Atari 2600 controller attached to your keys, but after a long day at work you can plug the keychain into a "seperate pocket sized reel that holds six feet of cord and RCA jacks" and play a couple old school 2600 games on your TV. Yeah, some more stray wires hanging from your TV - just what you always wanted. The units run on 3 AAA batteries in case your keys weren't weighed down enough.

There are two designs - one like a 2600 joystick and the other like a paddle controller. On the back of the box it says there are 3 variants, 1 paddle and 2 different joystick keychains with different games on each. The paddle has just the right resistance and feels like a quality product in your hands. The joystick isn't bad either. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself if they come out with a Star Raiders version.

Version 1 - Paddle with Pong, Breakout and Warlord
Version 2 - Joystick with Asteroids and Millipede
Version 3 - Joystick with Yars Revenge and Centipede

The keychains are manufactured by Basic Fun Inc. and feature "Full Video Graphics & Sounds!". Yeah... close enough I guess. There is also an advertisement on the front of the box tauting "Authentic keychain size gaming unit!" I guess this means, "Freaking huge keychain that will be impossible to put in your pocket... especially with all those multi-sided dice." Sorry dungeon masters, I couldn't resist.

Okay, now for the stinger - $14.95 - Ouch! They could have at least fit some more ROMs on the thing. I guess if I learned anything from buying these items it is that I'll always be a slave to Warlords and Yar's Revenge... so sad. So very sad.


  • A most brilliant post (and a great blog)... Are the emulated games faithfull? Any speed problems?

    Thanks 'n' Cheers!

    By Anonymous gnome, at 11:04 AM  

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